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Brandon Robinson


Brandon is from California but moved to Memphis at the age of 7. In 2016 he moved to Denver where he currently resides. Brandon started with JC Inc and now works for CMG models and talent based out of Daytona Beach. Brandon grew up playing sports. Mainly baseball. Played all the way through college. Had some troubled times after high school and ended up losing his scholarship. That made him turn to fighting and he was a mixed martial arts fighter for a few years; up until he got hit by a truck in 2013. His life spiraled in a horrible way after that. He was working out one day when someone from his gym came up to him and asked him if he had ever thought about modeling. Never crossed his mind but he thought why not so he went to an audition and got signed that day. He got into physique competitions about the same time and those pretty much go hand in hand. After a few months he got invited to an invitation only expo in Dallas and that's where he was found by CMG models and talents agency he works for now and has been modeling ever since. Crazy how life works right!?

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