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Chon Mosley AKA ChoMo

Team De-Mi Arts
Mixed Media and Visual Artist

Chon Mosley AKA ChoMo [The Ultimate Storyteller] is a native Floridian. Born 1967 in Monticello FL. He is a designer, mixed media visual communicator (illustrator) and artist. He is an Abstract Surrealist: He most currently creates surreal, illusion, double meaning, enigmatic, abstract, psychedelic, fantasy, figurative, and sensual erotica often in an Art ambigram style. He currently resides in The Tampa Bay FL area of the USA. This further description is for those who desire more information. His most favorite artist, hands down, is Salvador Dali. His numerous influences are from several other artists and artistic movements, including, Ernie Barnes, MC Escher, the Avante-Garde, Dada, and Surrealism. His belief is that they can be seen in many of his most intriguing works. He strives to listen to his intuition and/or his metaphysical to converse with the viewer. He finds the most joy in creating simultaneity and inverse illusions. His hope is that you never grow bored with that same old art. You, instead, just turn his and view it anew. He thinks of his work as "viewing a cloud, a fire or water." He states "you will be able to see many things, pictures within pictures to share with others." Lastly, He hopes you will see his enigmatic work as a discovery into oneself. *Look into the metaphysical and find a storyteller" -Chon Mosley 


Dixie Hollins High-Commercial Art

FAMU-Visual Communications-BS (minor Art), 

UNF-Education-K-12 Art Instructor Certification

and lastly but quite the opposite, God who has orchestrated every connection in his journey of life, art, and elevation. 

 His Art Experiences:

 "By the age of four my parents noticed that I could draw and color exceptionally well. (I even stayed within the lines while coloring) LOL. As the images of cars became comic book characters I was hooked...Instead of sleeping I would sneak by nightlight and draw male Super Heroes. In Middle school, I was muraling walls...High school taught me perspective and the concept of art as a way to making a living. (No thanks to my guidance counselors.)" Since then he has worked as an artist, graphic designer/commercial artist and an art instructor. He is currently showing his art abroad. Lastly his motto: Design, Visual communication (illustration) and Art...Leave the butterflies to us.

Social Media:

Instagram: @chonmosley, (Mercy to you as a project I believe it will be phenomenal, just  phenomenal) Twitter: @downwithchomo, @downwithchon

Team De-Mi Arts
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