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DeAndre Grafton


Actor/Model/Comedian DeAndre Grafton out of Memphis, TN, is a dedicated artist that aims to develop professionally and artistically. Since grade school he always knew he wanted to be an actor when making everyone laugh through ‘clowning’. After graduating high school, DeAndre gained a deeper appreciation for his craft and made an action plan to take advantage of his skills. DeAndre started out with paid modeling photo shoots with City Gear. The photo shoot resulted in a mass showcasing in 70 out of 130 malls across the country. DeAndre did so well in the City Gear photo shoot that he was offered paid commercials, which birthed his acting facet. That very moment DeAndre was able to see a clearer future in the modeling/acting field and began to strategically plan. DeAndre, continuing his dedication to develop artistically, started attending acting classes and workshops and was sighted by director, Joseph Elliot. Joseph then shared contact information with DeAndre to be casted in a movie called “Crooked Games”.


DeAndre is signed with Memphis’s very own, Paris Chanel Modeling, Talent, and Marketing Agency and gained more paid gigs with this guidance. DeAndre has done features in University of Memphis’s Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research commercial and a commercial for Southland Gaming and Racing Commercial. DeAndre did feature’s in films based in the 60’s, “The Invaders”, “Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis”, and “For The Love of Mother”. DeAndre is also in a television series called “Bound to the Body” that is produced by Robert Parker. DeAndre continues to strive for excellence by learning new skills and pursuing career development projects so that he can get to the next level.


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