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Kendall Thomas

Team De-Mi Arts



              In 1998 with limited resources, drive, and determination, Kendall Thomas embarked on a leap of faith to turn a dream into a reality. Residing in Memphis, Tennessee, Kendall had the benefit of traveling around the world experiencing various cultures and gaining a great deal of insight into their similarities and differences. Additionally, the experience revealed a renewed value for the tremendous contributions of the American culture.  Kendall’s dream was for people all over the world to relate, connect, and come together with each other.

       The name Ilobal was birthed out of the experiences of visiting these various places in the world and interacting with the people in their culture.  It was at this time that the idea of a universal clothing line came into fruition.  The IB Clothing Company (Ilobal) represents unity and genuine love for everyone worldwide, especially those that wear the Ilobal brand.  The goal of the company is to remind people that we are different externally, but we are definitely the same on the inside.

       After ordering a few hundred shirts, designing a website, and obtaining a business license and trademark, Kendall began living a life limited only by the capacity of his own imagination.  He discovered that everything he needed and more than he could imagine, lived on the  inside of him.

       The Ilobal brand is more than just a logo, it represents all directions of our world and equality for all people.  Further information for this company can be obtained by contacting us at Special thanks to all Ilobal supporters and those that believe in our product line. Ilobal positions itself to become a great leader in the fashion industry, committing itself to advancement, commitment, and expression of what we wear.


Team De-Mi Arts
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